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How to Read Your Bill

Delmarva Power Customers


Delaware: How to Read Your Bill PDF
Maryland: How to Read Your Bill PDF


  1. Payment Coupon
    Return this coupon with your payment to ensure fast, efficient processing. The coupon shows your account number, the total amount you owe and the date the payment is due.
  2. Electric Delivery Summary
    This section of your bill provides a convenient summary of your charges and payments received. If you need to contact Customer Care, you’ll find our business and emergency phone numbers and our address on each bill. Your account number is listed for easy reference.
  3. For Your Information
    Check this section each month for messages about your monthly savings due to New Jersey Energy Choice and the average annual price to use in comparing electric supply offers.
  4. Billing Information
    The billing month, service location and account number are listed again for easy reference.
  5. Electric Meter Information
    Your meter readings and total usage for the month.
  6. Electric Delivery Charges
    This section provides a detailed breakdown of your charges for the month:

    Delivery Charges
    The cost of bringing electricity to the service location through poles and wires.

    Current Charges
    The number of days in the billing period and your rate schedule.

    Customer Charge
    The costs of providing service, including meter reading, billing and maintenance.

    Distribution Charge
    This is the price you pay for an electric company to deliver (or distribute) electricity through its poles and wires. Charges are listed in increments based on kWh usage.

    Market Transition Charge
    The costs associated with the transition to a competitive electric market.

    Net Non-Utility Generation Charge
    Costs associated with purchase power contracts with non-utility generators.

    Societal Benefits Charge
    Costs associated with state-mandated social programs.

    Regulatory Assets Recovery Charge
    Costs associated with deferred, regulator-approved expenses incurred as part of a utility’s obligation to serve the public.

    Total Electric Delivery Charges
    The total charges for electric delivery for the month.

    Supply Charges
    The cost of generating or purchasing the electricity you use and transporting that electricity to your local substation. If you choose an alternate supplier, these charges would be replaced by the electric supplier’s charges.

    Transmission Charge
    The charge for transporting electricity from power plants to local substations.

    Basic Generation Service Charge
    The charge for generating or buying power for customers who are not receiving their electric supply from an alternate supplier.

    Total Electric Supply Charges
    The total of the electric supply charges for the month.

    Total Electric Charges
    The combined total of all charges for the month, including both delivery and supply charges.

    NOTE: Depending on your rate schedule, you may see different charges on your actual bill.

  7. Your Electric Energy Comparison
    Residential and small commercial customers will receive a quick, "at-a-glance" view of their energy usage in this personalized energy chart.

For more information about your bill format, call 1-800-375-7117.