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How to Enroll in Online Billing


The first step is to  register for My Account, our secure self-service Web site. You will need a copy of your most recent bill to complete the registration process.

To Register

Click on the first-time user link below or if you are a return “My Account” user click on the return-user link.

First time "My Account" user
You will need your most recent bill to register

Return "My Account" user

Accessing Your Electric Bill
Once you have completed the registration process, sign in to “My Account” and select “View & Pay Bill” from the left menu.

Paying Your Bill Online - No Stamps to Buy!

Once you click the "Pay Bill" button, you can scroll down the page to the "Payment Amount" and “Payment Date” area where your balance and due date will be shown. If necessary, you can change this information.

The "My Bill Summary” page will reflect the status of your payment online immediately. Once your payment is marked as paid, all other Pepco records will be updated with your payment, usually the next business day. The transfer of funds from your bank may take up to two business days.

When you make an online payment, Pepco uses security software to prevent unauthorized access to this information.

If you have a disconnect notice and make a payment on or after the date of the notice, you will need to notify customer service as soon as possible during business hours. The customer service representative will confirm the payment and attempt to cancel the disconnect notice.

Paying your bill online is convenient, fast and secure. You'll save on postage and check-writing costs. Of course, you still have the option of mailing a payment anytime you want.

Ready to enroll? Click here!