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AutoPay Program


Now there's a way to pay your electric bill quickly, conveniently and effortlessly, without writing or mailing a check. Just sign up for AutoPay, our automatic bill payment service, and your electric bill will be paid automatically from your bank account each month. You'll save on postage and check-writing costs. You'll enjoy the convenience and avoid the bother of having to remember to pay by a certain date. And just think: You may never have to write a check to Pepco again.

In order to use online billing, you will need to register for My Account, a secure self-service option that will allow you to:

  • view and pay your bill
  • sign up for eBill (paperless billing)
  • get an e-mail when your bill is ready
  • take advantage of features that can help you save on your energy bill

To Register for My Account

Click on the first-time user link below or if you are a return “My Account” user click on the return-user link.

First time "My Account" user
You will need your most recent bill to register

Return "My Account" user

To signup for AutoPay, once you have registered for My Account:

Click here to sign on to My Account and then click “Pay Bill”. You will be prompted to enter your banking information to pay your current bill. On the payment confirmation screen, check “I want future payments on this account paid automatically”. This will make a one-time payment on your current bill and enroll you in Autopay so that all of your future bills will be paid automatically on the due date.