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We're making some changes to LINES based on your feedback.

In a recent survey, you told us that you want more information about our efforts to improve reliability and restore service faster following storms. You also want to learn how to save money on your bill and how system improvements relate to the rates you pay for electricity. So in response to your comments, future editions will devote more space to these specific topics of customer interest.

In order to focus on what's important to you, LINES no longer will carry the community events column, "Things to Do."

LINES also will be published quarterly instead of monthly to call more attention to the information presented. Frequently covered topics, such as electricity safety, how to prepare for outages and information on customer service programs, will be treated in separate bill inserts.

Finally, LINES will sport a new look. The redesign is intended to use photos more effectively and present information in an easier-to-read format.

We hope you find future editions of LINES a great improvement. Look for the new LINES with your July bill.

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