• Home Energy Report

  • Your Home Energy Report is another way we can help you save money and energy. In support of the EmPOWER Maryland Energy Efficiency Act, encouraging Marylanders to reduce their energy use, we’re providing you with a new tool to make saving money and energy simple.

    Home Energy ReportSeveral times throughout the year, you’ll receive a custom report that includes information based on how your home uses energy. Your report will share helpful information so you can find savings opportunities. The reports will also show you how your home uses energy and how it compares to similar homes in your area. The home comparison relates your current electricity use to approximately 100 nearby, occupied, Maryland homes. These homes are comparable to yours, but are not necessarily the homes in your neighborhood.

    You’ll also find tips on each report that are personalized for you based on your energy use and publicly available information about your home, such as the type of home and size. This way, you’ll have specific tips that you know will make a difference in your home.

    Your privacy is important to us

    We only use your information to provide useful insights about your energy use. Your individual energy usage information is compiled anonymously with that of other customers in order to provide comparative information.

    Contact us

    Email: EnergyAdvisorDPMD@delmarva.com
    Phone: 1-800-375-7117 and say "Customer Service"

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why am I receiving these reports?
    We know our customers are always looking for ways to make their home more efficient and save money on their energy bills. The Home Energy Reports are designed to provide more information about your energy use so you can make decisions about how you’re using energy to save money.

    What information is included in the Home Energy Report?
    Home Energy Reports are designed to provide information to help you understand your home's energy use and find smart ways to make your home more efficient. Each report will provide you with information about your home's energy use, comparison of your monthly and annual usage and personalized tips to help you save money and energy.

    You'll be able to compare your home's energy use to the energy use of similarly sized homes in your area and also see how your home's energy use changes over time and across seasons. In each report, you’ll learn ways to save energy, including information on rebates and other special programs we offer. To learn more about those programs, click here.

    Are these tips the only ways I can save energy in my home?
    These tips are a great place to start, but there are many ways you can save energy and money. To find more energy saving tips, visit Delmarva.com. The Home Energy Reports include strategies that are most effective in typical homes.  You can also find energy savings tips and information about your energy use through My Account on Delmarva.com. On My Account you’ll also see your projected monthly energy cost at any time of the month so you can manage your budget. You can even set energy reduction goals and receive specific tips to achieve those goals.

    Which households are included in the ‘household comparison’?
    We compare your energy to the usage patterns of a group of about 100 similar households whose homes are close to yours and similar in size. Our research shows that for almost all residents, this 100-home average is a good indication of typical usage.  

    How did you choose the homes used in the household comparison?
    To provide valid comparisons, we selected homes that are in your area and have characteristics that typically lead to similar energy needs, such as home size and heating source. We only include homes that appear to be occupied at the time of the comparison.

    Do the similar households account for all unique attributes of my home, such as the number of people living in my home or having a swimming pool?
    Our goal is to provide you with a comparison that is meaningful. Currently, our report comparisons include 100 similar, nearby, occupied homes. The comparisons are based on publicly available information; however, there are some factors which are not included, such as the exact number of occupants in the home and items like hot tubs and swimming pools.

    How are similar households using so much less energy than me?
    These households likely take a variety of steps to reduce their energy use, including using the thermostat to manage heating and cooling costs, turning off lights and electronics when not in use and always running full loads in the dishwasher, washer and dryer. The reports provide actionable steps that you can take to help you make your home more efficient too.

    Will others see my household information in their household comparison?
    The comparisons are compiled anonymously and kept confidential, which means other customers never know what homes are used nor do they see your energy usage data.

    Protecting our customers' information is a top priority. We treat each customer's personal information and data as confidential, consistent with all regulatory requirements, including those established by the Maryland Public Service Commission. The similar household comparisons on your Home Energy Reports are made to an average of 100 similar homes in your area that have similar characteristics, which are based on publicly available information and do not include private information, such as number of occupants, and types of appliances in the home.

    I have certain life or housing circumstances, such as energy-intensive medical equipment, that prevent me from reducing my energy use. So how can these reports help me?
    It's understandable that some people may have life or housing circumstances that make it difficult to reduce their energy use. We aim to provide a wide range of ideas that can address the various needs of our customers and their homes.   Beyond modifying the temperature in your home, these reports provide ideas for making your home more efficient and information about Delmarva Power programs that can help customers improve their home’s energy efficiency.  These programs can lead to energy savings without impacting comfort.  In some cases, you may not be able to realize substantial savings, but we've found that most people can find at least some savings and we hope we can help you do so. We encourage you to find out which tips are best for you and search for more ideas. You can also find tips in our Helpful Ways to Save brochure.

    Is the information on my Home Energy Report the same as the information found on My Account?
    The information on the Home Energy Report and My Account are both based on your individual usage. In some cases, date ranges may differ, and tips or comparisons may not be identical. We encourage you to use both the report and My Account to better understand your energy use and get ideas for saving energy. My Account includes customizable charts and bill analysis so you can see your usage trends.  You can learn more about the benefits of My Account on our website.

    Can I opt out of receiving these reports?
    Yes. The reports are provided to help you understand your home energy use, save energy and reduce your energy costs. If you would like to opt out, please call 1-866-921-4464 and provide your account number.

    Can I receive these reports through email and not through the mail?
    At this point in time, we do not have the ability to send the full Home Energy Report through email.  

    Why am I receiving an email with my energy use information?
    The email is designed to provide a snapshot of your energy use and to remind you to look for the paper report with detailed tips. The email is provided to customers that have provided us with permission to email them through My Account. You can unsubscribe from these emails at any time using the link provided in the email.