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Delaware Wind Issue

Our Wind Analysis

Welcome to our Web site focused on the renewable energy debate in Delaware.  There has been a great deal of information in the media, some of it misleading, especially when it comes to describing the position Delmarva Power is taking on the proposed offshore wind farm in Delaware. 

First, we firmly believe that solar, wind, as well as many other sources of renewable energy are the right choice for our future.  You can also be sure that Delmarva Power will pursue green energy solutions that will have the least impact on your monthly energy bill. We recognize the hardship that rising energy prices have had on our customers. That is why it is important to protect the environment while also protecting the consumer.

We hope the information you find here will help you decide what the right path is for our Delaware customers. And whether you agree with us or not, we hope you make your voice heard.

We Believe There Is A Better Way

Delaware is considering a proposal that could have a dramatic impact on Delmarva Power electricity customers for the next quarter century.

Delmarva Power strongly supports the use of renewable resources, especially wind, to supply electricity. But we believe this particular proposal is not in the best interest of our customers.

First and foremost, it will cost too much. Under the current offer, this proposal could cost customers up to an additional $22 per month on their electricity bills. The Long Island Power Authority recently scrapped plans for a wind farm because of the high costs. This proposal for Delaware would cost four times the amount that the Long Island customers would have paid.

We understand that wind energy costs more than power from traditional fossil fuels. But this plan has not been tested against proposals for other renewable energy alternatives, such as onshore wind, solar or biomass, which we know can cost a small fraction of what this project will cost.

Let’s face it many consumers don’t go to the supermarket without looking at the various competing products on the shelves. So we don’t believe it’s wise to spend billions of dollars for one source of power without first looking at the alternative choices. We can achieve the same environmental goals as the offshore plan at much less cost to you, our Delaware customer.

Although the wind energy itself is a stable component, the 70 plus percent of the time it is not blowing we are on the spot market – this is where volatility comes in

Nor would this proposal bring stability to the price of electricity as state leaders had hoped. Under this plan, as much as 70 percent of the time, Delmarva Power would be required to buy power from the spot market, where prices can quickly spike when power is needed most. Because the wind doesn’t blow all the time, its reliability is uncertain and that adds price volatility – not stability – to the power supply. 

As many leaders in the State have said, we must diversify where our supply comes from – this means not buying all of our green energy from one project.

We have supported Delaware developing some of the most aggressive renewable energy standards in the nation.  By the year 2019, no less than 20 percent of Delmarva Power’s supply of electricity for its customers will have to come from clean renewable resources. Committing to this project would preclude the company from benefiting from other lower-cost green alternatives for 25 years.  Our proposed bidding process would result in a diverse mix of renewable fuels, as well as a mixture of long- and short-term contracts. 

Only a portion of Delaware’s residential and commercial customers will pay for this project – that is not fair.

This project also would require that only Delmarva Power’s residential and small business customers pay for the deal, two groups of customers that use only about a third of the power supply in the state. We don’t believe that’s fair and we believe that there is a better way.

Before we rush into a 25-year contract, we must take the time to do this right. 

There is no debate over whether or not to move toward using more green renewable resources. We certainly support that. Rather,this is about doing it in a way that protects the environment but also protects the consumer. 

If you believe as we do, that Delmarva Power’s Delaware customers deserve a better deal, contact your elected state officials and let them know your position.

Stockbridge Letter to Delaware Agencies