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Energy Sources (DE)

Integrated Resource Plan

Delmarva Power Plan Addresses Delaware’s
Long-Term Energy Needs

In 2006, Delmarva Power began development of a plan to meet Delaware’s long-term electric energy supply needs. Called Delmarva Power’s Integrated Resource Plan (IRP), it is a road map for how Delmarva intends to procure electric energy for our Standard Offer Service (SOS) customers for the next ten years in a way that balances cost, reliability, price stability and environmental benefits.

On December 1, 2010, Delmarva filed its 2010 Delaware IRP with the Delaware Public Service Commission. This IRP update includes new information, resulting from a series of technical workshops, with demand-side management, energy efficiency and environmental externalities among the topics evaluated.

Delmarva Power received significant input from Delaware’s Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control in developing the environmental analyses methods used in the 2010 IRP. The environmental analysis focuses on the benefits of reduced air emissions resulting from changes in electric power generation including increased wind generation for Delaware and adjacent portions of PJM as a whole. Additionally, there is further analysis of other environmental impacts, such as wetland preservation, as a result of having more wind resources in the PJM region.

There will be an opportunity for the public to comment on the company’s IRP in the coming months.

A copy of the 2010 Delaware IRP and IRP Index is attached.

Below are additional materials from technical workshops held during the development of the 2010 IRP. Additional materials may also be accessed on the Delaware Public Service Commission’s Web site, http://depsc.delaware.gov/.

Workshop Presentations