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Hybrid Fleet

Investing in Hybrid Vehicles to Curb Carbon Emissions

At Delmarva Power, we’re investing in vehicles that are more environmentally friendly, such as hybrid bucket trucks, to curb greenhouse gas emissions and protect the environment.

“We think it’s important to lead by example. Our customers place great value on the environment, and so do we,” said Gary Stockbridge, President, Delmarva Power.

Delmarva Power has converted all of its truck fueling facilities to emission-reducing biodiesel fuel, which is a blend of 20 percent soybean oil and 80 percent ultra low-sulfur diesel.

Company vehicles will be transformed over time as vehicles come up for replacement, initially replacing them with available hybrid and alternative-fuel vehicles, and later with even newer technology as it becomes commercially available.

Existing hybrids use both an electric motor and a standard gasoline or diesel engine. While the cost of hybrid vehicles is greater than that of conventional vehicles, Delmarva Power knows there is great value for the environment by helping reduce carbon monoxide pollution.