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Delmarva Power Tests Smart Meters for Accuracy

You may have heard recent reports in the news about the accuracy of smart meters. Delmarva Power wants you to know that we routinely test our meters for accuracy. The periodic testing of meters is a regulatory requirement and is part of Delmarva Power's everyday operations. Delmarva Power has informed the Public Service Commission that performance and accuracy tests have been performed on several different levels.

In addition to Delmarva Power's testing, our smart meter manufacturers perform 100 percent testing of all meters for accuracy during the production process. Meter manufacturers supply certified testing results to Delmarva Power that demonstrate their meters passed all of the required tests for new meters.

In 2009, Delmarva Power tested 100 percent of the first 7,000 smart meters installed as part of our Field Acceptance Test. This testing was in addition to the testing conducted by the meter manufacturers. The results were positive and validated by manual meter readings that were compared to over-the-air meter readings through our communications network to further ensure accuracy.

Delmarva Power also conducts a sample test on each production run before we accept the meters for installation. A sample pallet, which is representative of an entire production run of new meters, is shipped to Delmarva Power's meter shop for testing. While the sample is being tested, all meters from that production are quarantined until the sample test is completed and the meters have passed our tests. If the sample passes, the shipment is released for installation. If the sample fails, the entire production run is rejected. To date, Delmarva Power has not had any sample tests that failed.

Nothing is more important to Delmarva Power than the trust of our customers.  We want our customers to be confident that their meter and their billing information is accurate.  We encourage customers that have billing questions to take a look at their account information in My Account, our online energy management section of the Web site. If your questions aren’t answered, we always welcome customers to call our Customer Service line at 1-800-375-7117 to discuss their individual case.