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Smart Meters

Installation: What to Expect

Advance Notification:

Delmarva Power will notify you with a letter and a fact sheet in the mail about one to four weeks before your meter is scheduled for installation. Please check the area around your meter and clear any obstructions such as shrubs that need to be trimmed so that our installers have safe access.

What to Expect on Installation Day

An installer will knock on your door before the installation begins. If no one is home, a door hanger will be left advising that the work has been completed or that the customer should call and set up an appointment with Scope Services, the contractor performing this work for Delmarva Power.

Your electric service may be interrupted for a brief period of time during the meter exchange. For this reason, we recommend that you disconnect all critical electronics and appliances before the work begins. You may need to reset digital clocks. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

After the installation, the installer will leave a door hanger notice to let you know the work was completed.

Important Note: If you are on life support and have registered in our Emergency Medical Equipment Notification Program, our installers will knock on your door before they begin the installation to make sure it is OK to interrupt your service for a brief period. If you are not home or cannot take a brief power interruption, we will leave a door hanger instructing you to call to set up an appointment.