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Electric - Delaware Energy Choice


The restructuring of the electric utility industry allows you to make an important choice for your business. Because now you can select the electric supplier that fits your needs. Take the time to compare the cost of power, its environmental impact, and other factors that affect the day-to-day function of your business. Then review your options and request an Enrollment Kit.

To help develop a competitive market, Delmarva power is required by the Delaware Public Service Commission to make customer name and address information available in a marketing list to Alternate Electricity Suppliers.

To verify or change whether your account is on the marketing list and/or request an enrollment kit click Customer Choice.

Delmarva Power supports Energy Choice. Whether you choose to stay with Delmarva Power as your electric supplier, or choose an Alternate Electric Supplier, we will continue to provide reliable energy delivery and service.

Remember: The choice is yours.

And you can start making your decision right here, right now.

Natural Gas - Delaware Transportation Service


Larger customers have the existing option of purchasing their own natural gas needs from third party suppliers, with delivery to the customer meter by Delmarva Power under tariff rates.

Existing Transportation customers can access the web sites below to obtain information and manage their day-to-day gas supply responsibilities to minimize their monthly charges.

Natural Gas Pricing

Natural Gas Pipeline Delivery Nomination

Natural Gas Tariff