• During the Pre-Proposal Meeting on February 23, 2017, a participant asked:

    Q.  Does Delmarva Power have any plans to release a similar RFP for Solar RECs?

    A.  No. Delmarva Power does not have any plans in the near future to issue a similar RFP for Solar RECs. The Wind REC RFP was issued in response to an Exelon/PHI Merger Commitment.   No similar commitment exists for Solar RECs.  The participant was also reminded that Delaware has an existing solar financing program which includes an annual auction for solar REC contracts.

    Q. The RFP states that Delmarva Power is looking for an aggregate capacity of up to 40MW (nameplate). Does this mean that Delmarva will take all of the RECs produced up to 40MW of the facility’s nameplate capacity? Or is there a capped number of RECs that Delmarva will take from the facility (assuming the facility’s nameplate is 40MW or less).

    A. The capped number of RECs is set by 40MW of the facility’s nameplate capacity multiplied by the unit’s capacity factor.  Also, please refer to the example scenarios in the pre-proposal webinar presentation (slides 8-10).

    Q. Can a proposal include a portion of 2 facilities up to 40MW of nameplate capacity? Or is only 1 facility per proposal allowed?

    A. Yes, an RFP Respondent may aggregate portions of facilities under one proposal. 

    Q. If 2 proposals are being submitted, can the total proposal fees (i.e. $1,000/Proposal - $2,000 in total) be wired to Delmarva (1 wire payment)? Or do 2 separate wire payments need to be made in the amount of $1,000.00?

    A. A single wire payment of $2000 is acceptable.