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Peak Savings Day Tips

​​Follow these quick and easy tips to help you save on Peak Savings Days:

  • REDUCE air conditioner use
  • CLOSE shades and blinds to the hot sun
  • UNPLUG chargers and electronics
  • SWITCH OFF unused lights
  • USE a fan to circulate air instead of air conditioning

There are many more ways you can reduce your energy use on Peak Savings Days:

  • Run major appliances before or after specified hours
  • Cook outside or use a microwave instead of an oven
  • Put computers in sleep mode or turn them off entirely
  • If you have central air conditioning or a heat pump, sign up for Energy Wise Rewards™ and make saving automatic

For more tips to help you save money and energy, visit our Home Energy Saving Tips page or view our Helpful Ways to Save brochure. You can also view our Online E​nergy Management Tutorial that offers energy education and savings tips, and information about how to use tools available through My Account to make a difference on your monthly energy bill.

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