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Community Solar MD

Maryland Community Solar Basics

Maryland’s Community Solar Pilot Program provides the opportunity for customers to receive renewable energy benefits, including low and moderate income customers and customers who are not able to participate in traditional roof-mounted solar systems.

Customers can participate in the pilot program by purchasing a subscription to a portion of the energy generated by a Community Solar Energy Generating System (known as “CSEGS”). Once the subscription is purchased, the customer will receive a credit (called a CNM Credit) on their DPL bill for their share of the CSEGS energy production.

Subscribers/customers provide supply, delivery and administrative charges to Delmarva Power; Delmarva Power in return provides Community Net Metering credits to the customers. The Subscriber Organization collects payments for unsubscribed energy from Delmarva Power, and up-front fees and/or monthly payments from the subscribers/customers. 


Community Solar Energy Generating System Application Process

A Subscriber Organization wanting to build a CSEGS to participate in the pilot program must be approved by the Maryland Public Service Commission (MD PSC) and receive a Subscriber Organization identification number. Visit the MD PSC website for more information on this process.

DPL will begin accepting CSEGS Interconnection Applications for the first year of the pilot program at noon on June 22, 2017. Interconnection Applications received before that time will not be accepted. Interconnection Applications will only be accepted by email and should be submitted to Get started using the links below. All Interconnection Applications will be processed in accordance with Maryland Small Generator Interconnection Standards (COMAR 20.50.09).


Pilot Program Status

The following table sets forth the annual capacity limits under the pilot program for DPL. Once DPL begins accepting applications into the pilot program, updates to the status of the CSEGS pilot queue and remaining capacity can be found by clicking here.

CSEGS Pilot Program Annual Capacity Limits

Program Capacity (MW)Small/Brownfield/OtherOpenLMI
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