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Switch to Gas (Business)

Natural gas has many benefits. Switching to gas makes sense because it is:

  • Economical: generally more affordable than other heating sources
  • Reliable: delivered safely to your business and no need to refill fuel storage tanks
  • Domestic: highly-efficient, domestic fuel
  • Cleaner: the cleanest burning fossil fuel
  • Versatile: use it for heating, cooling, cooking, and water heating. Take advantage of its affordability throughout your business 

Natural gas prices have hit a 10-year low during the past five years due to its abundant, domestic supply. Compared to other fuels, the cost of natural gas is expected to remain low into the future. 

So, how do you learn more about switching to natural gas?

If you live within our service territory (New Castle County, Del.) and want to switch to natural gas, please fill out this  customer contact form, including the validation image and click "submit." We will let you know what, if any, costs there would be to bring natural gas to your business. Call our commercial coordinator at 302-429-3813.​​​​

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