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Energy Theft

​​Theft is often thought of as shoplifting, carjacking or identity theft. While most of us may not consider energy theft to be as common as these, it is the third largest form of theft in the United States and potentially the most hazardous.

It is illegal to tamper with electric meters or power lines/​pipes, or to knowingly consume electricity/gas that is not properly metered due to tampering. Energy theft occurs in our area. It is a punishable crime that can negatively affect you financially and presents a safety hazard.

Here is what you should know to protect yourself and your community from energy theft.


When individuals or businesses participate in energy theft, they create very real safety concerns for all of us. Energy theft can result in electric shock, fire, explosions, personal injury or death. A thief creates danger not only for themselves but also for their family, friends and neighbors.


While many of us work to manage energy bills by conserving energy or applying for financial assistance, energy thieves drive up the cost for everyone by destroying property and artificially driving up rates by helping themselves to free energy. When they consume energy unlawfully, they are stealing from honest, paying customers.


We are committed to safety and fair billing of our customers. With help from our employees in the field and tips from you, thieves are being identified and investigated.

If you are aware that someone is stealing electricity/gas, please call us at 1-800-624-1412. All calls are confidential.


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