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  • Everyone can help reduce energy use at home. There are many ways kids can participate in saving energy, such as turning off lights after leaving a room or unplugging laptop chargers after charging is complete. With activity books, coloring pages and simple energy-saving tips, kids can learn how they can help reduce their energy use.

    Fun Activities 

    Kids Corner BookDownload our Energy-Saving Activity Book. This includes a coloring page, word search and crossword puzzle.

    WattDownload our Be Wise with Watt coloring book.

    Energy-Saving Tips

    Everyone can save energy at home with these easy tips:

    • Keep doors and windows closed when the air conditioning or heat is on
    • Turn off lights and the TV when you leave the room
    • Unplug electronics like video games and computers
    • Unplug phone and computer chargers when they are fully charged
    • Share what you’ve learned with friends and family
    • Check out a book about electricity from your local library to learn even more ways you can reduce energy

    For more energy-saving games and tips, visit the websites below: