• Delaware Wind Issue

  • A Message from our President, Gary Stockbridge

    Gary Stockbridge

    Welcome to this section of our Web site, where we focus on meeting our customers’ energy needs with clean, renewable resources. Delmarva Power recognizes that wind energy is a vital part of our energy future. We are committed to investing wisely in wind energy as well as other forms of energy, which are clean and reliable. 

    In June 2008, Delmarva Power reached a historic agreement to buy wind power for all of its Delaware customers from a proposed wind farm that would be built off Delaware’s coast. 

    Delmarva Power is proud to be partnering to bring offshore wind power to our Delaware customers. 

    Delmarva Power also has signed three, long-term agreements for land-based wind power to serve its customers. Those contracts, coupled with the offshore agreement, will mean our customers will benefit from clean, renewable energy that is both reliable and affordable for decades to come. 

    Delmarva Power recognizes the immediate need for us to explore and invest in alternative forms of energy given today’s environmental challenges and the need to become less dependent on foreign oil. That is why we are committed to seeking low-cost, environmentally-friendly solutions for our customers. 

    Please continue to check our Web site for updates on these efforts to increase the amount of clean, renewable energy we deliver to our customers. 

    Gary Stockbridge is President of the Delmarva Power Region, a subsidiary of Exelon Corporation (NYSE: EXC).