• Assistance with Your Energy Bill

  • We want to share a few options that can help you minimize a seasonal spike in your electric utility bill. We can’t control the weather, but we can help you prepare and manage your energy bills through flexible payment options and assistance programs.

    Our budget billing program helps you budget energy costs over time so that monthly bills are more predictable – even in cold winter or hot summer months when energy use naturally rises. To sign up for budget billing, please call 1-800-375-7117 to speak with a customer care representative or click here. We can also suggest other payment options or offer reasonable payment arrangements, if you qualify.

    You can also use My Account to see how and when you’re using energy, get personalized tips for energy savings and calculate how much you can save by making specific improvements around your home.

    State-Specific Energy Assistance Web Sites


    The Delaware Energy Assistance Program (DEAP)

    • This program provides assistance to income eligible families to help them meet their home energy needs
    • DEAP has several components which include:
      • Fuel Assistance: Help with home energy bills from the period of October 1 - March 31. This includes grants to income eligible households to help pay for home heating, which includes electricity, natural gas, kerosene, propane, coal, or wood. Grants are made to both homeowners and renters
      • Crisis Assistance: This component helps households in crisis during the winter months and may be in the form of a supplemental grant to their fuel assistance benefit. In addition to being income eligible, households must show they are experiencing a crisis (i.e., shut-off notice, out of fuel, no money to pay for fuel)
      • Summer Cooling Assistance Program (SCAP): This program operates during the months of June-August and helps pay for electricity to cool homes with air conditioning during the hot, humid summer months. In addition to receiving a grant to offset the high costs of electricity to air condition a home, some populations may be eligible to receive a room sized air conditioning unit

    • Contact Catholic Charities to find out where and how to apply for assistance:
      • Kent County: 302-674-1782
      • New Castle County: 302-654-9295
      • Sussex County: 302-856-6310


    Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)/ Maryland Energy Assistance Program (MEAP)*

    • This program provides assistance to low-income customers with their home heating bills
    • Limited assistance is available to repair or replace broken furnace
    • Payments are made to the fuel supplier and utility company
    • Applicants are eligible to apply for the MEAP program once at any time during the
    • program year, July 1-May 31
    • Call 1-800-352-1446 or visit dhr.state.md.us/blog/?page_id=4410

    Electric Universal Service Program (EUSP)*

    • This program provides assistance to low-income customers for their electric bill
    • Customers may receive help that pays a portion of their current electric bill
    • Some EUSP participants may qualify for assistance with past-due electric bills as well asreferrals to energy efficiency program
    • Call 1-800-352-1446 or visit dhr.state.md.us/blog/?page_id=4410

    Utility Service Protection Plan (USPP)*

    • This program is designed to protect low-income families from utility shutoff
    • Customers who are eligible for assistance from MEAP may also be eligible for participation in USP
    • Customers receive an electric bill for the same amount each month throughout the yea
    • Call 1-866-900-3637 or visit dhr.state.md.us/blog/?page_id=4365

    *The program is administered through the Maryland Department of Human Resources, Office of Home Energy Programs.

    Make a Gift of Energy

    A comfortable home is truly a gift – and a gift that we can help you share with someone special. Our Gift of Energy program is a thoughtful way to help your family members, friends or neighbors with their energy bills.

    • Visit delmarva.com/gift
    • Make a payment on that person’s account and receive a free greeting card to give that person, compliments of Delmarva Power

    You can purchase a Gift of Energy for a Delmarva Power customer at any time during the year.